Union Jack Club

Indelible Creative were appointed to re-develop the Union Jack Club into a more distinctive, relevant and engaging brand.


We were required to carry out a methodology strategy for discovering, understanding, re-evaluating   the Union Jack Club before revitalising all the clubs communications.


We initially carried out a Discovery Stage; an information gathering process to ensure that we had a well-informed basis from which to develop creative inspiration for a new or revised Brand Positioning.


We then evolved the brand identity, it’s tone of voice and brand style in a new dynamic way and shown through visual examples of literature, on-site display, digital, communications, advertising and more.


Finally, we prepared Brand Guidelines for in-house teams and key suppliers to understand and interpret the new brand direction and style on an on-going basis.


Along the way, we worked with the executive and in-house teams to ensure that everyone was fully on board at each stage.